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About This Website


This website is the result of the sublimation of the over suppression of self-expression. The author of this site is a mid-sixties born European-American woman. She is dead quiet in a crowd because physiologically she is an introvert, and psychologically she has become maladjusted to surviving in an extrovert-exalted society. Her name is POT Dot, and by any other name, she is not as vain.


Pleasure of Thought (POT) is the title of this website because it is a delight to engage in the pleasure of thought, as most introverts will report. The initialism P-O-T attracts to this website many people who smoke pot (a.k.a. Mary Jane, grass, marijuana, etc.). However, POT Dot does not smoke POT; she thinks it.

Narcissism vs. Practicality

This website is a personal website; thus, it intrinsically seems narcissistic. POT Dot grapples with the perception of being too self-indulgent and explains that when someone suppresses self-expression as much as she does, it is likely the spirit of that energy will escape in some way. Just think of how a certain suppressed energy escapes some Catholic priests.

Besides being a natural relief valve for unexpressed self-expression, this website provides POT Dot with the chance to practice and develop her skills in website programming, video production, podcast production, writing, speaking, research, graphic arts, creating electronic music, cartooning, etc. So, who would argue that just because there is a perception of distasteful self-indulgence this site is not worth POT Dot's effort?

Main Sections of this Website

POT Dot's Bookshelf

When POT Dot reads a book, she writes a few notes about what she has read and does so to entrench the content of the book a little deeper into her head.  This gives her two memories of the book: one, the reading of it and, two, the writing about it.  Plus, POT Dot rates the books she reads with her prestigious POT dots.  Book writers everywhere are clamoring to have her read and rate their books . . . Well, let's hope this will be the case someday.

Know Thyself A to Z

The ancient idea of self-knowledge is a profound and meaningful concept. In modern times with mass communication and a world population of 7 billion human beings, the individual constantly feels oppressed by the reality of his or her sheer insignificance. For POT Dot the pursuit of knowledge, especially self-knowledge, is a way to cope with this overwhelming feeling of anonymity because it brings a feeling of pleasure to know that there is meaning to be had in the interior of our beings.

Furthermore, taking the time to explore ideas in one's own writing is an effective way to combat the subjugating influence of the herd mentality, group-think phenomenon, or the Lucifer Effect. POT Dot avoids crowds because she abhors herself in a crowd. She will agree with that which she disagrees to diffuse the energy of anxiety that arises from the threat of conflict with the human tendency to conform. However, if she is prepared for a topic that she has examined and has written about, she is less likely to acquiesce to the majority's opinion. Thus, this section of the website reveals POT Dot's official opinions despite what you may hear her say in person or even in her video journal entries.


POT Dot loves to doodle, and cartooning is a way she can exhibit her doodles. This form of self-expression may be her most challenging because she expects her cartoons to be funny. Yet, funny can be a difficult achievement. Humor is not as universal as we believe it to be. However, when it is a hit, it delivers quite a delightful zing within the human being. Nevertheless, try as she does to be funny, her cartoons seldom stretch a lip.

POT Multimedia

POT Dot uploads her video journal entries under the POT Multimedia section and then immediately feels a sense of humiliation. This chagrin explains why she has no Facebook account . . . that and the fact she has no friends.

Also available under the POT Multimedia section are original sound compositions created entirely at the computer. She does not use loops, however, and insists on as much originality as possible. POT Dot's computer-generated sounds are intended to cleanse (if not scour) the mind of thoughts, all thoughts. She listens to her compositions repeatedly for hours while away at her day job where she serves as a mindless drone.

The Pleasure of Thought Logo

The Pleasure of Thought logo consists of a thinking cap and spiral activity. It was originally created for one of POT Dot's many podcast endeavors, which carried the regular theme or plot of an individual placing a special helmet on her head that enabled her to physically enter her mind wherein she met her alter-ego who provided tours of self-discovery.

POT Dot loves her logo so much she had it printed on standard business cards. She leaves the cards wherever she travels. It is her dream to start a not-so-secret secret society where members can flash these cards at each other and smirk at those who don't know the Pleasure of Thought website.

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