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L as in Language

Language Skills: A Literary Vignette

"I was all like err err," she explained as she stood in the middle of my living room with her arms extended frontwards and her head moving from side to side. She half pantomimed and half verbalized some ordeal that I half paid attention to. "And they were all eeh eeh," she continued her story, bending, bowing, and waving her hands in exaggerated movements. Her image as seen through the sheer-clad windows of my home must have looked like one of those inflatable blowing-tube men you see at used-car lots during blowout sales.

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Logic is often accompanied by a companion noun "reason." The difference between reason and logic is that what is reasonable seems to take into account human feelings and emotions. Logic does not, although if the argument were properly setup, logic may be able to predict human behavior (of course, my abundant ignorance here must be plain evident at this point).

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