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M as in Mediocrity


Everything I do is mediocre: my website is mediocre, my prose is mediocre, and my videos are mediocre. Everything about me is mediocre: I have a mediocre job, I live in a mediocre home, I have a mediocre education, and I was born into a mediocre family. On the chart of mediocrity, I am not even at the top. I am smack-dab in the middle, for I dwell in the heart of mediocrity. Plenty of others are more mediocre than I am. They swarm about me with an outstanding sort of mediocrity. Nevertheless (naturally "nevertheless"), my mediocrity seems to be evolving. Perhaps I am entering hyper-mediocrity (or hypo-mediocrity), which either way is characterized by a certain invisibility. Indeed, I am fast becoming invisible. Very few, next to nobody, can see me, and if it weren't for my lack of distinction, my invisibility would be really something!

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Mrs. Krim

There are two news stories in my lifetime that I can recall grimly.  They are stories that have been able to elicit in me the extremely rare feeling of empathy.  There is now another story to accompany the previous two—the October 26, 2012 killing of Mrs. Krim's small children.

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