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V as in Vegetarianism


On April 22, 2010 (Earth Day), I made a commitment to myself to limit my complicity in animal cruelty by eating less meat, and as of this writing (6-7-10), I am 100% vegetarian. In the first quarter of the year 2008, a disturbing video (see below) was aired on all major news stations. The video consists of utterly sad acts of abuse against cows by individuals employed at the Westland Hallmark Meat Company. The images from that video stayed with me for many months, and I attempted to reduce my meat intake then. At first, I was quite successful, but eventually my memory of the video's images faded, and I started eating meat at a daily rate again.

Then, a few months ago, I was reading some literature put out by PETA, and I reflected on how I could contribute to reducing animal cruelty in a more profound way. Hence, I decided to make my 2010 Earth Day commitment, and each day I feel truly virtuous for doing so, a feeling so profound that the old pleasure I had of eating meat can't even come close to the depth of satisfaction I have in being a vegetarian.

Below is the video I watched in 2008. If you watch it, you may decide to try to be a vegetarian too.

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