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A as in Agnosticism


As of the re-writing of this article, the current definition of the word “agnosticism,” according to, is “an intellectual doctrine or attitude affirming the uncertainty of all claims to ultimate knowledge.”* It is the claim that nothing (especially whether a supreme being or otherwise exists or not) can be known for certain. Previously I claimed to be an agnostic, but recently I have changed my mind because scientists are still working on solving the problem. How then can I prematurely declare that ultimate knowledge cannot be known if we're still in the process of figuring it out? I fully reject the notion of agnosticism and strongly assert that I personally don't know whether God or gods or supernatural things exist or not.

* Unabridged. Random House, Inc. (accessed: January 09, 2014).

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The negative connotation that the word "patriotism" has acquired seems to affect "Americana" in the guilt-by-association sense. Americana refers to nostalgic artifacts and collectable items of historical America. I love Americana. I especially love the spirit of self-reliance that Ralph Waldo Emerson described and the idea of that distinctly rugged American individualism and the ideal of civil liberties. I love history from the American Revolution. I love Elvis, American folk and western music, country music, old Hollywood films, the Cold War mentality, the American Southwest, etc.

Unfortunately, however, I feel apologetic about my enthusiasm for Americana. I feel this way because of that which has made patriotism a negative word. It is the ugliness and harshness of the vitriol in which some European Americans engage. I do not associate myself with spiteful and hateful groups of people, though we may love Americana just the same.

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Every time I write an essay for this website, I start with an apology for my ignorance then later edit it out. Thus, as I prepare to write an essay right now, I apologize here for it and for all future opinions of mine I capture in writing, cartoons, and videos.

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When science finally proves once and for all that God or gods or the supernatural world exists or does not exist, then I will claim to be a theist or atheist. Until then I will not claim either way.

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